Friday, October 28, 2011

Solution Business war - HP wants to hold on PC unit.

As day by day world business is getting complicated, vendor wants to have solution to their problem. Industries don’t want to waste time in deciding the small parts which are required to complete this solution. They don’t want to waste time to decide which database, middleware and OS needed to setup this solution.

So the giant like IBM is even working in solution industry, where IBM has lots of part which are required for a solution. Like IBM is company which has following things with them
  1. Hardware (P-servers)
  2. Operating system (AIX and Mainframe )
  3. Database (DB2)
  4. Middleware (Webspheare )
  5. Mailing (Lotus)
  6. Monitoring (Tivoli)
They don’t have to go and find a vendor for any kind of part for a solution.

Oracle the second giant was facing problem for this solution integration. They use to have database. They don’t use to have hardware and operating system and middleware. Sun Microsystems was brought by Oracle to fulfill this gap. Oracle is big giant into solution market. They have following arrows to go for business war
  1. Hardware        (Sun server)
  2. Operating System (Solarios)
  3. Database (Oracle)
  4. Middleware (Glassfish)

Microsoft which has all these things equipped, slowly moving to make its footprint into big solution market. Till time they are more favorite into desktop market. With the release of operating system like 2003 and Share Point, they are moving slowly with upper segment.

HP is fourth giant in this area. They want to move into this solution market. The decision to hold the PC unit with HP is going to play important role in next future.